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Certifiable K-Cups Coffee Review: Organic And Tree Hugger From The Coffee People

I haven’t seen too many fair trade or organic K-Cups so I was looking forward to trying Organic and Tree Hugger from the Coffee People. Both are certified organic and the Tree Hugger is certified fair trade.

The Drink: Organic By Coffee People
Type: Dark Roast Extra Bold K-Cup
Overall Rating: Three Out Of Five Coffee Mugs

The first K-Cup that I tried from the Coffee People was their Organic. It’s one of their dark roasts that’s also extra bold. I’m sure that some of you can understand why I’m pretty hesitant about trying a coffee like that. I have a history of liking lighter, not so bold coffees, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from trying this coffee.

Organic had a nutty dark roast aroma. There wasn’t much to it and I’d have to describe it as kind of generic.

As far as the taste, they were right about the extra bold. If you like a strong dark roast, you’re probably going to like this one. Me, it was too dark, tasted like water poured over ashes.

It had a mostly smooth feel on my tongue, with just a hint of bitterness.

I do have to take a point or two away because I would love to know more about the beans, who certified them organic, etc.

A 24 pack of Organic is $10.95 at 1QuickCup.

I’m torn about the rating. I think if you’re the type of person that likes an over the top dark roast you’re going to like this one. Me, I’m giving it the average rating of three on the Daily Shot Of Coffee K-Cup scale.

The Drink: Tree Hugger By Coffee People
Type: Medium Roast Extra Bold K-Cup
Overall Rating: Two Out Of Three Coffee Mugs

Tree Hugger is the Coffee People’s fair trade and organic coffee. Still no mention of who certified it, but I’ll stop complaining now.

I was looking a little bit more forward to trying Tree Hugger since they describe it as a medium roast, however they did throw in that extra bold phrase that always scares me a little bit.

This coffee had a medium dark roast aroma and a scent that reminded me of chocolate syrup.

Yes, it did have a medium roast taste. However, the extra bold kills any other flavors that may have been in the cup.

To make matters worse, it had a bitter feeling.

However, if this sounds like a coffee you would like. You can pick up a 24 pack for the same $10.95 price at 1QuickCup.

Tree Hugger earned a sub par score of 2 on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale.

Daily Shot Of Coffee

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Discount Keurig K Cups Brands – Does Subscribe & Save costing less?

I've had my Keurig brewer for 5 months and have attempted a lot of brands and the Coffee People Donut Shop normal is among my favorites. Green Mountain Nantucket Mix and Timothy's Italian Mix are also favorites.

To cut to the chase, this produces an excellent MEDIUM roast fashion cup of coffee…interval. Some people have a tendency to check all coffees to one an additional no matter what the bean is and how it's roasted. I do roast my personal green beans (house roaster) when I brew a pot of coffee each and every early morning and use the K-Cups when only a single cup is needed. If you don't like that 'in your face' darkish roast, dense, major style of coffee each morning (or any time for that make any difference) this is definitely the coffee for you personally. It isn't bitter, a little floral, with a accurate pure coffee taste. Does it match Dunkin Donuts style coffee in style? I'd say Yes to that when utilizing the center cup dimension setting on the Keurig brewer….which I use for people that get milk within their cup, I use the larger cup setting because I drink my coffee black and like that style profile. The new packaging is Ok (you get 2 additional K-Cups for that $$) as long as you have the room inside your kitchen to retailer the larger single box….as opposed to storing the two 24 cartridge containers.

One reviewer remarked about Subscribe & Save costing less. It's only a dollar and a few pennies cheaper than this packaging and Subscribe and Save does not offer Donut Store “regular” but instead has “Extra Bold”. Also, this packaging gives you 50 k-cups as opposed to 48 (two) 24 count packages in Subscribe & Save.

Another reviewer complained about not having the standard boxes to dispense the coffee. I purchased a K-Cup carousel, available on Amazon for $19.95 that holds 26 k-cups; it looks nicer by my Keurig than cardboard boxes.


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The Amazing Breville k-cup Coffee Machine

breville k-cup coffee machineIf you take place to be looking for a new K Cup coffee brewer search no further than the Breville K Cup Coffee Machine. This exceptional coffee brewer is the consequence of a combined work from two of your main businesses within their respective industries. Breville identified for creating and creating little appliances and Keurig recognized for his or her progressive coffee brewing technology. This partnership has created a innovative coffee brewer that has permanently modified the coffee brewing market.
This Breville BKC600XL single K Cup coffee machine has a really smooth and enhanced developed that you just certain to adore. In the stainless steel design to your programmable LCD touch display this brewer is really a coffee lover dream. Lets get at a few of the functions of this machine and what sets it apart from other coffee brewers in its class.

Built In Water Reservoir

The large 60oz. h2o tank enables you to brew up to 10 cups of coffee prior to needing to refill the reservoir. This h2o tank also includes a h2o filtration method that may strengthen the scent and taste of your respective water thus enhancing the high quality of the cup of coffee. You will also save dollars by not having to acquire filtered h2o to fill your reservoir, making it possible for you to realize the same quality of water with out the added expense. An additional advantage of this water reservoir tank is always that maintains the water with the optimum brewing temperature and delivers the actual volume of h2o every time generating a superior cup of coffee.

Stainless Steel Layout

The Breville’s stainless steel and chrome style give this brewer a higher stop industrial physical appearance and it is an asset to any kitchen. Not merely is it pleasant to seem at it’s effortless to retain and maintain clear.


Yet another excellent function of your Breville K Cup coffee maker is you might be ready to store your K Cup coffee accessories such as the My K Cup within a compartment on leading with the brewer. This keeps your counter tops clutter free and keeps your kitchen looking good.

LCD Control Panel

That is our favourite function of this machine since it enables you to manage the variables necessary to supply a high quality cup coffee. To produce a great cup of coffee it truly is pertinent in order to manage the brew temp and volume of water, and now this really is last but not least attainable. With all the programmable LCD management panel you are able to regulate the brew temp, 4 different brew strength sizes(or volume of h2o), together with a auto on-off function. All of those functions can be found at your finger suggestions with all the touch of the button.

Brew Head

A patented brew head delivers water evenly through the plastic K Cup saturating the grounds uniformly therefore generating a much more balanced brew.

As you’ll be able to see this coffee brewer by Breville is loaded with many unique options which are not offered along with your ordinary K-Cup coffee brewers. You discover that upon buying this Breville K Cup coffee machine you will be launched to a complete new coffee knowledge. So what are you currently waiting for order yours online today!

How To Redeploy Your Old Keurig K Cups

K Cup Keurig UsedNow you can reduce your purchasing of brand new k-cups for your Keurig and instead use the same kcups more than once.In the past making a good shot of espresso coffee was rather time consuming requiring a lot of effort and indeed patience. Nowdays it’s a bit easier.

In fact all you need to do is press that button on your keurig one cup coffee machine and you’re done!

In case you don’t already know – keurig machines only take k-cups, which you have to buy seperately so you’re somewhat tied in to buying their cups forever. If you’re a frequent coffee drinker you’ll be in for a higher cost per cup than if you used a standard espresso machine using regular pre-ground coffee out of a bag.

Never run out of kcups again, by using this little known method of getting your used kcup gourmet coffee cups to do double time. It’s worth mentioning that there are better ways of using your own coffee in a Keurig (My K Cups device for one), however this method, although a little messy, should get you started.

The Sloppy Method Of Reusing K Cups

  1. Get a little stash of kcups together – the used ones of course.
  2. Next, begin pulling off the covers completely and discard these, just leaving the plastic cup with it’s prviously used contents.You have to carefully remove the foil that covers your k cup buy using a knife or anything sharp. Just Pierce the covering then peel the cover back to the outside of your k cup.
  3. Without tearing the little filter at the base of the cup, remove the old coffee. Use a tea spoon or buttter knife.
  4. Remove the remaining coffee grounds by rinsing the kcups in the sink. Dry them off with a tea towel.
  5. Pack the empty cups with your favourite flavored or gourmet coffee and lightly pack down with your thumb or better still something round and flat that fits the kcup cavity.
  6. After this you can then cut a small round portion of tin foil and securely apply it over your reused k cups, this foil will serve as its cover.

Although you can repeat this process a few times your k cup won’t last forever.
Finally, remember that you won’t be able to use k-cups reused or not, in any other brand of coffee maker.